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Tech Photo Journal by E-Derby Tech Photo Journal by E-Derby
My latest photo journal.

I had a leftover resistor from the TV-B-Gone kit and decided to incorporate it into the cover design for my newest photo journal.

I loved that the silver foiling almost made it look like the resistor had actually been soldered. Plus it was shiny & shiny=goodness! What I didn't expect was how featherlight the silver foil was. It floated everywhere once freed from its package. I used a paintbrush to burnish it onto the adhesive. I used both a fine writing tube for the dots and a sheet of adhesive dots to add a kind of distressed feel to some of the foiling.

I had to seal the surface of the cover with fixative so the silver won't tarnish over time.

I added a pocket to the journal for keepsakes. In this case it will be the schematics for the TV-B-Gone project.
lehsa Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice! So is it for mad scientists who want to keep track of their personal photos? ;)
E-Derby Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2009

Well, maybe not this one. However, I'm doing another, similar album. This one might fit the bill as it's title will be, "Byte Me."

This is based on a favorite phrase of a friend of mine, who is a bit mad now that I think of it... good mad though. She is never boring, always curious and has a twisty, twisty sense of humor. :laughing:
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