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Spring Hat Project by E-Derby Spring Hat Project by E-Derby
This hat's inner lining was a project in itself since I had to hand-draft the pattern for it. This was a very fiddly process. I doubt I would have been able to do this at all without the hat shaper form.

The free pattern for the Tsubaki Cotton Hat can be found using this:… . I wanted a small sun hat rather than a bucket hat so I made a few alterations to the pattern. I changed the type and gauge of yarn. I doubled up on the yarn to add more body to the piece. I also changed the depth of the crown by reducing the number of rows. I crocheted a lace-like edging to the brim.

I used a Hat Shaper to block both the outer crochet and the inner lining. This makes a *huge* difference in the look and fit of the finished hat! I used the Flanged Brim Cloche for its versatility: I plan on making many different styles using this same shaper.

By creating a lining for the hat with a mid-weight fabric, I added additional stiffness to it. This stabilized both the crown and the brim and helped insure that the hat wire would remain in place.

You can clearly see the difference these changes made for yourself by comparing this project with the image on the Tsubaki Cotton Hat pdf.

I did try adding a ribbon trim, as the pattern recommended. It would have helped protect the crochet stitches from wear & tear when pinning on and removing the floral trim broach.

Unfortunately, the soft crochet crown caused the ribbon to cup, resulting in a 'puffy' look. I wasn't happy with that look so I removed it. I pinned the floral spray through to the hat lining for the support it needed. The crochet fabric remained undamaged and the pin stayed firmly fixed (no sagging)!

EDIT: I now believe that the ribbon I used was simply too narrow resulting in the puffing I describe above. It's possible that using a 1" or 1 and 1/4" ribbon (rather than the 3/4" that I chose) would work just fine.

My First Fabric Hat

:iconno9:Denim Sun Hat by E-Derby
meri3309 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013
It looks amazing! You chose a perfect yarn colour and the ribbon flowers look amazing there. Thank you for sharing the pattern!
E-Derby Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014
Oh thank you!
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